Detailed information on our Matrix Synapse Server and how to connect to it



I know that heading sounds dark or controlling, but with matrix synapse the opposite is true, even if it kinda does a lot of different functions that multiple other communication platforms currently do. Matrix Synapse is not really an actually type of application or server, more, its a synergy of many of the most popular features, all tucked up into a unique and powerful, distributed communication protocol.


It can be a Skype like service, it can be a Discord like service, it can be a Slack like service, it can be a PABX like service, it can be an IRC like service, it can be an XMMP like service, it can be a Mastidon like service, etc. Its like anything you want it to be, because what you want it to be, depends on you and how you develop a client around the protocol.



If you want to give out a channel you created to your friends on various other matrix synapses they will be in the following format: (this is an example):

USERNAME: (Where Q is whatever your username is)
CHANNEL: (Where #unicomplex is whatever your channels name is)



Registration to connect to our Matrix Synapse is done at the address listed above. Once registered you can use the Matrix client of your choice to connect to our servers. You can register on someone elses Matrix and enjoy channels or communicate with people on our matrix, but there are some spaces on our matrix that for security reasons, are for people registered on our matrix synapse.

You do not require an email address to register on our systems, but we will not assist you in recovering passwords if you forget yours, so it is recommended to register with an email address.


There is actually a whole host of Matrix clients out there, you can even make your own, for something more specific to your needs check out the Matrix website for more information:

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MATRIX DESKTOP APPLICATION - Our recommended desktop client to connect to matrix synapses

This is the recommended application to use to connect to our Matrix synapse. There is desktop client for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian). Dont forget to select the, "custom server" option, and then input:


If you just want to test the system out and do not intend using Matrix regularly then you can connect by our web based application hosted at


Riot is also available in the Google Play and Apple Store for people who wish to use their mobile devices to connect to our services. Dont forget to select the, "custom server" option, and then input:


To get a list of all public channels on our matrix synapse:



  • Security access control
  • Accessibility
  • Interoprability
  • Ability to customize
  • Excellent, health and well supported Open Source community
  • Runs on anything
  • Distributed
  • Secure platform
  • Fast, lightweight, flexible clients
  • Incredible privacy and security when using the unicomplex matrix
  • End to end Encryption


Almost every industry and country is welcome here, there are however some things we will not tolerate:

  1. Human organ harvesting, or the advertising of such services through ciphertext, cleartext or steganography
  2. Slave trade, or the advertising of such services through ciphertext, cleartext or steganography
  3. Pedophillia, or the advertising of such services through ciphertext, cleartext or steganography
  4. Abuse related, be it child abuse, sex abuse or any abuse. Basically anything that can bring harm to another person.

Basically keep your darkside out of our space or we will respond.

Drugs, sex and rock n roll are on your own concience. As long as everything is willing seller, willing buyer (and this includes the product if the product is human).

The rest is kinda made up as we go along.

If we find any utilizing social engineering methods or running psyops on people in our instance you will be banned from our matrix synapse. You should not need to be reminded this is not a regular server, and a safe space for specific people. The only time we do more than observe is if there is a threat to the Unicomplex or a psyborg.


We do currently allow connections from the tor network to protect our users. You can connect via our webclient here:


and via a Matrix client:


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You will have to accept a ssl securitycertificate as our ssl is configure for the hostname and not its onion address.