<!-- TITLE: HOME --> <!-- SUBTITLE: PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE COLLECTIVE --> We are an assymetrical response to an assymetrical world. Layer 8 Defense. Layer 9 Security. # WELCOME TO THE UNICOMPLEX **consilium**, dignitos, **compassio** et **imperium** ## PUBLICATIONS ![Happybirthday 3](/uploads/happybirthday-3.png "Happybirthday 3"){.align-right}From time to time we submit articles to review and to be published, our [publications page](/publications) is to track those contributions. ![Selection 049](/uploads/selection-049.png "Selection 049") ( [@netsecml](https://www.twitter.com/netsecml) was [nominated as one of the top 20 authors on Information and Cyber Security by Peerlyst for 2017](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/the-best-cybersecurity-and-infosec-authors-2017-2018-peerlyst) and his contributions to the information security community. Peerlyst.com is a public website with a strong focus on ISO based information security. It is becoming a popular center for people in the information security arena space to communicate and get to interact with each other. They are considered leaders in their specialized version of information security which focuses on Layer 8 and Layer 9 infomation security. * [RedBaldKnight/Bronze Butler STEGO BASED APT](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/redbaldknight-bronze-butler-apt-are-discovered-using-malware-with-sophisticated-stego-netsecml) * [DOS, DoS & DDoS](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/dos-dos-and-ddos-netsecml) * [CRYPTO CURRNECY ICO GUIDE](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/my-ico-cryptocurrency-investing-guide-netsecml) * [WHY IT IS NO LONGER WISE TO IGNORE CRYPTO CURRENCY](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/its-no-longer-wise-to-ignore-the-bitcoin-and-cyptocurrency-phenomena-netsecml) * [DARKWEB DEEP DIVING GUIDE](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/darknet-tor-deep-diving-guide-netsecml) * [MATRIX SYNAPSES - ONLINE GATED COMMUNITIES](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/matrix-synapses-online-gated-communities-also-free-stuff-netsecml) * [STEGOCEPTION - MESSAGES WITHIN MESSAGES](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/stegoception-messages-within-messages-netsecml) * [OPSEC - A WAY OF LIFE](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/opsec-is-more-than-a-checklist-for-me-its-a-way-of-life-netsecml) * [PROTONMAIL OUTLOOK BRIDGE](https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/protonmail-releases-protonbridge-for-microsoft-outlook-netsecml) ## e-CITIZENSHIP We are [currently developing ecitizenship](/starcreed/citizenship) based on lessons learnt from observing the Estonian e-Citizen model. We are focused on creating a gaming system that lots through the effects the blockchain will bring to society. The project is still in concept phase and any contributions are welcome. ## COMMS Various communication platforms we currently host. ### MATRIX SYNAPSE Please visist this [page on our wiki](/matrix), it has detailed instructions on how to connect and use our secure [matrix synapse](/matrix). We have public and private channels. **MATRIX SYNAPSE SERVER**: https://matrix.unicomplex.co:8448 ### PRIVATE OSINT WIKI Our secure intel mangement platform. https://wiki.unicomplex.co ### TOR MATRIX SYNAPSE **TOR MATRIX ACCESSS**: https://matrixmlnz3ugq5x.onion/ **TOR MATRIX CLIENT ACCESSS**: https://matrixmlnz3ugq5x.onion:8448/ ### TOR PRIVATE OSINT WIKI You can access the tor network with [Tor Browser](https://www.torproject.org/) or [Whonix](https://www.whonix.org/) We have created an access point to our unicomplex wiki at the following **onion** address: **http://wikiifjdjeg2xaqc.onion** ### PERMISSIONS While anyone can see this page, you will only have access to the information you contributed towards developing or if you are allowed access on a, "need to know" basis. Most of this site will be invisible to you. We are not wikileaks. We strongly follow the CIA of information security. Confidentiality, Intergrity and Accessibility. ### LOGGING No user access logs are kept from or on this server. There is no tracking, anylytical or statistical software, so if you are an authority, do not bother asking us. The only logs produced are when an application fails. Google does serve trackers from videos we share on Youtube. We have no control over this and recommend blocking scripts. ### SUPPORT OUR COLLECTIVE Please [help us build our collective](/donate) if you are able to. ## HAILING FREQUENCIES Various methods to contact us are detailed in our [Contact page](/contact). ## OTHER PROJECTS ![Cryptosec](/uploads/cryptosec.png "Cryptosec") Securing your assets in the blockchain. [![Ssstarcreedlogo](/uploads/ssstarcreedlogo.png "Ssstarcreedlogo"){.align-right}](/starcreed)