The Agorian Order Starcreed


This is creed and value system all those that fly the Starcreed ascribe to.

The vows are only taken by Knights of Agora

The Starcreed


  • A place for light to grow - Knowledge, compassion, wisdom, imperium.
  • A place for light to hide.
  • A flag symbol to warn other passing ships of plague.
  • A blank slate for those who work for redemption
  • Starfleet Future - Ensuring life continious into the cosmos

Our Starcreed

isēgoría isonomía isopoliteía *

  • To ensure the long term survival of life
  • To ensure that life does not go extinct and learns to find a way to exist in the cosmos
  • To try prevent the mass destruction of humanity (and its decendents) and get humanity into the cosmos
  • To try and understand and learn as much as possible about the multiverse through empirical means
  • To praise compassion, wisdom and honor forged in trust above all else
  • To help innocents and those who need justice from tyranny
  • To assist with the education and scientific enlightenment of humanity
  • People before profits. Profits after excess.
  • We understand woman and men are one
  • Further together, we are a HERD, not RATs.

The Vows taken by those that volunteer to serve the Agora - Our Knightly Call to Order

consilium, dignitos, compassio et imperium

  • I vow to protect and sacrifice for the brothers and sisters of the Agora
  • I vow to commit my life to the service of others, as its in service that I contribute to humanity
  • I vow never to lie to another member of the Agora
  • I vow to show compassion in the face of tyranny, wisdom in the face of ignorance, education against belief.
  • No other vow comes before my vows to the Agorian Order.